Photographer for life! 


I like to say that my photography is like finding the perfect pair of jeans! It is hard to find and when you find them you never want to give them up! My goal is for you to be a part of my photography family. I love not only photographing your wedding but also other life events! But lets start with the wedding... 

On your wedding day I focus on fewer photos of flowers,  and more pictures of people. Of course, this varies a lot, because each wedding is different - but in general, I'm more about the relationships than the details. My goal at your wedding is to be less a fly on the wall, and more like a friend who happens to have a camera. I will be on the dance floor! 


Our favorite part of working with you was your perfect balance of fun and professionalism. You are very go go go but I just remember laughing the whole day and that's what I want to think of when I look back at my photos: joy. I never felt rushed, just that we were taking advantage of our time we had. Even our groomsmen (who hate having their picture taken) had a great time and love the pictures too. You just don't skip a beat and are very creative when it comes to getting in many different backgrounds in one location for as much variety as we can get. 

My favorite moment you captured was actually at the reception. My friend and I love One Direction and during the breakdown of "that's what makes you beautiful" we got low to the ground and were singing to each other. I saw a camera flash and honestly that was one of the the photos I was most excited to see. I also love the one of my husband and I with a huge crowd of guests behind us just getting as many people in the picture as we could. Photographer for LIFE!  - Suzanna Reid