"HEY Friend" 

I am a girl named Brett and my last name is pronounced "SEE" not "SAY". I like to say that I am southern with a twist, from South Carolina and now located in Durham North Carolina. Do not worry I have a passport and love to travel!  I’ve been taking wedding photos since my days in high school. Bless the bride who trusted a high schooler!

I admire honesty and boldness in people and in photos. It doesn’t matter if it is taken on your phone or with a Canon; every photo has meaning. The importance of photography to me can be summed up in this picture of my grandparents.

This is the only  photo of my grandparents’ wedding, taken in 1951. Even though there’s only one, this photograph has value because it tells their story - they were young and in love and excited for their future without any pretense.

My desire is to document the real story of your love and your family. I want to come to your wedding or home and capture life as it happens.





    I like to say that my photography is like finding the perfect pair of jeans! It is hard to find and when you find them you never want to give them up! My goal is for you to be a part of my photography family. I love not only photographing your wedding but also other life events! But lets start with the wedding...

On your wedding day I focus on fewer photos of flowers,  and more pictures of people. Of course, this varies a lot, because each wedding is different - but in general, I'm more about the relationships than the details. My goal at your wedding is to be less a fly on the wall, and more like a friend who happens to have a camera. I will be on the dance floor!